Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin SV is a version of the Bitcoin protocol designed to return to its original intent and architecture. By expanding the allowable size of blocks in the chain, Bitcoin SV is currently the only coin that can manage on-chain data storage and micropayments at scale - both of which are leveraged by BitStream.

The price of Bitcoin SV is freely traded and changes daily. You can look up the current price here.

MoneyButton is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that enables easy and fast crypto payments for apps. BitStream is powered by MoneyButton and requires a MoneyButton wallet to tip streamers on the site. As non-custodial services, neither BitStream nor MoneyButton have control of your funds.

MoneyButton also integrates a login and profile system which is used to create and access your BitStream account.

As a liquid token with a vibrant ecosystem, BSV can be spent directly on any number of products or services! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Twetch: Blockchain-based social media site where you earn for your content
  • ShaWars: Proof of Work battles with new fighters each week
  • Zeroconfs: Your one-stop shop for crypto apparel. Discounts for payment in BSV

However, should you wish to sell BSV for fiat currency, the easiest way to do so remains exchanging your BSV to another token (BTC, ETH, etc.) using a service like Exodus and cashing out on an exchange account like CoinBase.

Note: We do not officially endorse any of the above products or services. Due your own due diligence before using any entity that touches your hard-earned BSV.

Bitcoin SV can be purchased with cryptocurrency at a variety of exchanges. You can also purchase BSV directly using BuyBSV.

Of course, the best way to acquire BSV is to earn it using apps like BitStream ;)

Note: We do not officially endorse any of the above products or services. Due your own due diligence before using any entity that touches your hard-earned BSV.

At present, BitStream denominates all earnings in USD only. We plan to support other fiat currencies and BSV denominations directly in the future.

Bitstream is 100% free to join - we do not charge a subscription or sign-up fee for our service. We only make money when you do.

Our transparent platform cut is 15% of all donations processed and 2¢ per post like. Here's a comparison of platform cuts across other live stream tipping platforms:

Platform Creator Cut Platform Cut
BitStream 85% 15%
Twitch 50% (subs), ~40% (bits) ~45%
YouTube 70% 30%

This table does not include PayPal/credit card fees, which accounts for an additional ~3.5% on traditional tipping platforms. At present, BitStream does not take any cut of voluntary TonicPow ads - 100% of ad revenue earned on BitStream goes to the content creator.

TonicPow is a peer-to-peer ad platform that allows streamers to earn revenue and acquire sponsorships. Unlike traditional ads on streaming platforms, content creators earn 100% of ad revenue on BitStream.

There are two types of ads available to content creators on BitStream:

  • Page Ads automatically appear on your BitStream pages when enabled - you earn for every click-through. Advertisers purchase adspace on your pages directly, making these ads completely passive.
  • Stream Ads are hand-selected by you from the TonicPow Offers page. When enabled, these ads generate a QR code to embed into your stream. You earn every time your audience scans the code.

All TonicPow ads on BitStream are optional and, by defualt, disabled. You can enable ads in the Settings page of your Dashboard.